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8 Jul

“The TDA still cannot honestly assure the public that milk is safe” –Rep.Ted Weiss,chairman of the House Goverment Operations Subcommitee on Human Resources, 8/6/92

I know a guy, who remembers the taste of mother’s breast milk. I believe that the reason why he remembers is-he’s tried cow’s milk only few times in his life.

Now-forget everything they told You about milk! Don’t pay attention to all advertisements at the newspapers and tv spots – there is somebody behind that “true” about “nice cup of milk every day for the healthy bones”. Money is the most whooper builder .

Milk is the maternal lactating secretion, very brief term nutrient for the babies. When the mammal is not ready for a Food (big “F”) , mother of any mammal will feed/nurse them till the time for solids comes.

Humans are the only ones who drink the milk of other’s mammal and they continue drinking their whole life. Nobody can admit that this is the natural way of living. Why cow’s milk? Why not dog’s milk?

Well, if You take a closer look at the cow You’ll see how economical she is: big animal who can be even more affective if we nail her down..( nowadays industries). That is the reason why people drink cow’s milk rather than kittens;-).

The other one could be the protein content : cow’s milk has three to four times more protein content (which occurs to not be digestible), has one to seven times the mineral content. But, from the other hand cow’s milk lacks amino acids human beings need. Mother’s milk has up to ten times more essential fatty acids (linoleic acid especially ).

The milk of every mammal is unique and is purposely designed to their infants.People don’t know that food is not only about some protein/vitamin/mineral content, but more about composition of all – otherwise one can’t digest/absorb the content. The same situation refers to magnesium-calcium composition: one can’t use the magnesium without calcium next to it.

That is why human body is made up for human’s milk-that is how the nature is created!

Milk is one of the most mucus-forming substances in the word (second one is soy-and I am not talking about tofu or edamame pods used by Japanese). In a short time body is clogged with a huge dose of mucus – there is no surprise why kids are diagnosed with asthma and allergies. Mucus clogged organs can’t work properly and one starts to build sensitivity, because the immune system is weak.

Milk drains the calcium out of the bones and is contributing to the deterioration of organs,bones and waistline. In order to properly absorb calcium, body perfect ratio of magnesium, which is impossible to find in cow’s milk (any good attributes were cooked already anyway by pasteurization). Because of that body gets the calcium from the bones and this is the straight way to osteoporosis.

There is a study on Bantus women of South Africa, who have a 12% protein diet, mostly plant protein and 200-300 gr /a day of calcium intake(half of standard American woman ). The African women don’t show osteoporosis sights even nursing six or more infants for a long time of period!

You may ask: where do I get my protein and calcium? Do I take it from the dog’s/horse’s/rat’s/cow’s milk?

The simple truth is in leafy greens which contain the perfect ratio. This is exactly the same place where strong cows take it from. Elephants, rhinos, horses have a big bones, are calm and peaceful. It seems that only humans developed osteoporosis by changing their genetic programming.

Cow’s milk contain casein-heavy protein, which human body can’t break down. If one consume it regulary it HAS to built waste residue and – I promise you-it will pile up!

“Cow’s milk is not suited for humen consumption. Milk causes constipation, biliousness, coated tongue, headache, and these are the symptose of auto-intoxication”–Back to Eden, Jethro Kloss

At least half of the adult human are lactose intolerant (we loose the lactase-enzyme which allows us to break it down ). If you are one of them – and you are probably – you will feel uncomfortable bloating, gas, diarrhea, cramping. If You feel you have to have a dairy-eat a yogurt -it seems that lactose is digested by bacteria.

Cow’s milk contents huge amounts of growth hormones and antibiotics, which enter ones bloody stream by consuming a milk.

Dairy can block iron absorption which can cause anemia. The red blood cell count is reduced, on the other hand – the white blood cell count is increased to 300-400 % ( Victorias Kulvinskas research ). Body reads this reaction as a INFECTION.

The additional issue is – why do I have to be a part of cow’s tragedy which happens all around the word in the milk industry?!

I will now attach some of the biggest, richests links about milk as a poison and You can get a lot of information from the scientific point of view (more high-voltage words;-)):

And tomorrow I am willing to show You how to enjoy milk without a milk! Stay tuned! There is only two days till my workshop.

I still don’t have a tent and there is a lot to prepare, but I ma happy!!

blessings for You,,,,


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23 Jun

YEAH….I AM PAYING MY HOSPITAL BILLS NOW….. (before I knew the simplest mechanisms..) 


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